Six Reasons Why We Should Encourage Whale Watching Tours

Whale watching is an exciting experience and if it is conducted responsibly, then everyone stands to benefit from it. It can be a good trip to embark on for a family vacation. There is no doubt that people travel long distances just to go through whale watching experiences.

Whale watching benefits three kinds of individuals; the local communities, watchers, and boat operators. Therefore, it should be encouraged at all costs provided it does not interfere with people’s ways of living or cause distress to water creatures.

The following are some of the benefits that the whale watching process generally brings to people and their surroundings.

Benefits of whale watching

  •  Watchers enjoy the view

As mentioned out earlier, whale watching is a fun experience and watchers can enjoy watching whales right in their natural habitats, as opposed to the kind of view where the whale is enclosed in a cage and it looks dull. Just like human beings, whales enjoy being in their natural habitat and covering long distances while looking for food and mates. This makes them chubby and can increase excitement among the watchers by performing some acrobatic moves on their way.

  • Learning experience

Not everyone goes to watch whales just to satisfy their conscience, some people embark on whale watching tours to learn more about how whales live, the dangers they face, and how we can provide a conducive environment for their happy staying. Such studies are then recorded and kept for future reference to keep the whales as safe as possible.

  • Develops local tourism

As many people become more interested in whale watching at Hervey Bay, they increase local tourism in the whale watching regions and the money obtained from this tourism can be invested in the same regions to make them easily accessible.

  • Provides income to boat operators

Most boat operators around coastal regions in Hervey Bay rely heavily on whale watching as their main source of income. Some of them solely rely on whale watching as their only source of income. Hence, more people should be encouraged to engage in whale watching because, through it, someone gets an opportunity to provide for his family.

  • Life-saving

Sometimes, the whale watching mission turns out to be a lifesaving mission since the crew can spot a distressed and helpless whale on their way and they will immediately alert the concerned authority to come to their rescue. This way, they will get the necessary help and treatment in time and continue their normal functioning.

  • Connects people

Whale watching attracts people from different parts of the world and this is a good thing because people from different parts of the world meet and interact, some even end up being good friends.

Importance of conducting whale watching responsibly

It has some attention that some individuals concerned in whale watching missions are abusing the whales as they go about the operation. However, this should not be the case, the whales should not feel the presence of human beings every time on their back because it can damage their normalcy.

Therefore, everyone involved in the sector should show some level of responsibility by ensuring that they do not get too close to whales or to prevent the passengers from throwing things at the whales. They have to protect the actual treasure to ensure that passengers find what they are looking for.

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