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Tonga Activities and Attractions

From the perfect golfing holiday, to a diving expedition to remember or experiencing the beauty and wonder of the pristine rainforests that Tonga is renowned for, there are numerous activities for everyone to fill their days with when holiday in the beautiful region of Tonga. Tonga is a collection of 169 small islands, 39 of them being populated, where you will find endless amounts of fun and entertainment, adventures, Tongan resorts and experiences that will leave a lasting impression upon you! It is a place where time stands still as you explore the wonder and beauty of the Tonga islands, where you can feast on delicious foods, browse through local markets, laze upon sun kissed beaches and watch the most stunning sun rises and sun sets you will ever lay your eyes upon.

Tonga is a holiday spot for nature lovers, adventure seekers, families, honeymooners and anyone who seeks a slice of paradise where anything is possible. Find a place where you can swim azure blue ocean waters that are crystal clear that boast some of the best diving and snorkelling locations you will ever explore. Watch passing Humpback Whales between the months of July and October every year or perhaps even make your way to Vava’u to swim with the whales for an experience you will never forget. Dive the caves and canyons of Vava’u as well, swim with mantra rays, giant whale sharks, reef fish, turtles and dolphins, learn how to dive with professional diving instructors if you don’t already hold your diving ticket or take the kids out for a day of snorkelling upon protected reefs.

Soak up the history and culture of Tonga, do some shopping for a couple of hours and experience the Tongan way of living that will have you relaxed and kicking back in no time at all. Discovering the numerous neighbouring islands of Tonga, depending on where you are staying, enjoy a Tongan feast or take to the waters for some undeniable fun and excitement. From kite boarding to awesome surfing breaks, there is every chance to spend as much time out on the water as you can possible imagine. Go jet kayaking, sailing, canoeing around the shallow reefs or perhaps set out for a great day of fishing where you can catch anything from blue, black and striped marlin, giant trevally, wahoo, mahi mahi, yellow tuna and sailfish, just to name a few.

Back on dry land you can play a round golf, take time out from your Tongan accommodation in a day spa for a some pampering treatment, explore the hiking trails that will lead you through some stunning scenery and past some amazing lookouts that you cannot pass up on and the bird life and animal species will delight as well. Enjoy a day of horse riding along the beach, walk around active volcanic craters or explore the limestone caves of Tongatapu and plenty more. Waterfalls, local markets, local delicacies, water sports, tours, cruises, sailing adventures and world class attractions, is the perfect receipe for a unforgettable holiday that you will wish never had to come to an end. Discover Tonga for yourself and the fun filled adventures and activities you can enjoy when you are here.