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Samoa - Attractions and Activities

Samoa isn’t like you typical island oasis, where you usually find an array of motorised activities and attractions and water sports such as jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing and all other kinds of motorised water sports! The silence and tropical paradise that you are holidaying in won’t be broken by the sounds of large motors and hooning jet skies, but instead there will be sounds of crashing waves, rushing palm tree leaves and peace and quiet. Samoa is renowned for its beautiful ocean waters and you will still have every chance to experience them for yourself!

Spend time kayaking around the collection of islands, take to the waters for some fishing, snorkelling or scuba diving and you may even like to see what the surf breaks are like as the surfing here is excellent. Learn how to surf with a local instructor that will have you standing in no time at all or explore the fringing coral reef gardens where you can swim with beautifully coloured fish, turtles, dolphins and mantra rays. Samoa is ideal for beginner divers where you can learn how to dive and explore some beautiful dive and even the little ones will thoroughly enjoy a day of snorkelling! Cruise around the islands on a sailing adventure for the day, set out on your own for a day in your own kayaking or canoe where you can easily coast around the islands, up the streams and small rivers that snake their way through a number of the island where you can explore the mangroves and wildlife for yourself.

From water sports to land activities, there are numerous things that you can fill your days with when holidaying Samoa. From lazing on the beautiful white sandy beaches and soaking up the sun, to year round swimming in the azure blue waters or perhaps hiking along one of the many trails that make their way through stunning landscapes and rainforests. Come across different animal species, hike past cascading waterfalls and swim in refreshing water and rock pools to cool off before setting off again. Within Samoa there is an interesting history and culture that is too hard not to absorb, where traditional Polynesian cultures are still practiced in villages and where museums that tell fascinating stories of the past. Walk the canopy walkway through the tropical rainforest, visit the grave of Robert Louis Stevenson and browse through the museum devoted to him and his life or wander through the markets picking up local arts, crafts, foods and handmade ornaments.

Whether you wish to really slow the pace down or speed it up a little you will always find plenty of activities that will spark your interest from spending time in a traditional village to watching a fire knife dance or perhaps enjoying some game fishing, jumping from waterfalls or simply walking along printless beaches is all possible for your holiday to Samoa. Once here you will discover a place where time seems to stand still... you won’t find tall high rises and traffic congestions, instead a place where tranquillity and peacefulness rains supreme!