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Travel Information For Holiday resorts in Samoa

East Coast of Savaii

Samoa is one of the holiday jewels of the South Pacific Islands. Geographically, it is located north east of Fiji and north west of the Cook Island with Tonga and Niue to the south. Tonga is made up from an group of eight islands. The Three main islands are Tongatapu Island, Upolu Island and Savai’i Island. Upolu Island and Savai’I Island are the largest. Upolu is the home of the capital of Apia, which has a population of 35000. In all there are around 177000 people living in Samoa. Although Samoans have their own language, most of them speak English. The official currency is the Samoan Tala and credit cards are accepted widely throughout the islands for accommodation, restaurants and the like. The Samoan climate is tropical with a wet season experienced from December to March.

Sopoaga Waterfall

The Samoan Islands are volcanic by nature and are surrounded by superb beaches and magnificent coral reefs. This the place to come if you are looking for one of the most unspoilt island groups and the one with the most spectacular scenery. There a many magnificent waterfalls to be seen. On Upolu you can take the half day waterfall crawl and see places like the 100 meter tall Papapapai-Tai falls. The Togitogiga falls and Sopoaga Falls are a little to the west. Don’t forget to bring your swimming costume for an unforgettable swim in this Hollywood type setting. Savai’I also has its share of waterfalls and Afu Aau falls is a popular swimming place for locals. The Mtu Pagoa falls flow into Samoa’s largest river where you will see beautiful Samoan villages and Samoans enjoying their own lifestyle.

Falealupo Beach

There are many activities to engage in around Samoa. Yachting and cruises are popular and you can join in with both. Charter yachts are available and several cruises will take you to see some of the more remote and beautiful of the Samoan Islands. Surfing here is for experts as the ocean swells land directly on the reefs, however if you are competent, take a local guide who will be able to show you the best spots. Surfing on Samoan beaches incurs a small charge, payable to the local village and this money goes towards an education fund for Samoan children. Golf is a popular pastime for travellers and there are two excellent courses.

Samoa is a divers paradise with fantastic underwater visibility and some sensational coral reefs and drop offs. Local dive operators know all the best spots and will provide all equipment. If none of these activities appeal to you, then come and explore the islands and the Samoan lifestyle. The beaches here are picture perfect with swaying coconut palms lining the sand and a gentle wave flowing in over the outer reef. Samoa has some beautiful luxury resorts to choose from and there will be one to suit your budget.. Faleolo airport on Upolu is the point of access with regular flights to Australia and the USA. Transfers are available to take you to your chosen resort.

Samoa is definitely one of the best holiday destinations in the South Pacific Ocean.