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Travel Information for Papua New Guinea North Coast & Islands

Madang Lighthouse

The North Coast and islands of Papua New Guinea provide a pristine and spectacular destination for a holiday or cruise experience that will be unforgettable. This magnificent stretch of coastline runs from Alotau in the Milne Bay region in the south through to Wewak in the north and includes New Brittain, Rabaul, The Trobriand Islands, Egum Atoll and the coastal towns of Tufi, Buna, Lae, Madang and Wewak. In this region you can visit some of the most spectacular places and most beautiful islands on the face of the planet. The waters are spectacularly clear and this is one of the best diving destinations imaginable. Fantastic coral reefs, world war two shipwrecks and unbelievable visibility makes this a scuba divers dream destination.

The coastal towns of Lae, Madang and Wewak are all accessible by air and Lae and Madang both have western style accommodation. Alotau is home to fantastic fishing and diving resorts and attracts sports fishermen and divers from around the world who want to catch a giant Papuan Bass and divers love the local reefs and diving among the remnants of world war two memorabilia. The village of Tufi has a diving resort and gives you the opportunity to stay in among coastal village people in a modern resort, and experience their lifestyle.

Rabaul, New Brittain

The northern islands are sensational. The largest town on New Brittain is Rabaul and Simpson Harbour here is surrounded by active volcanoes. Ash from continuing eruptions here have largely destroyed the town. Matupi, Tavurvur and Vulcan are the three major caldera’s surrounding the harbour and in 2010 volcanic activity is still continuing. Rabaul remains one of the most active volcanic hotspots on the globe. The Trobriand Islands are a total contrast. Here you will find traditional native people living in an island paradise. White sandy beaches, swaying coconut palms and the clearest waters in the world make this paradise on earth. The people are unchanged from when Europeans first visited and local dance festivals and customs are still part of day to day life. Egum Atoll is uninhabited and one of the last totally unspoilt ecosystems you will ever see. Both of these regions can be visited and enjoyed aboard one of the cruises that take international tourists on a voyage that includes these fabulous destinations.

The northern islands and coastline of Papua New Guinea are and essential part of any visit to this fantastic country.