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Known for its fascinating past and history, famous for its stunning beauty and natural surrounds and loved for aloha spirit, the Hawaiian island of Molokai is one of the best islands in the South Pacific. It is an island where time seems have stood still, where you won’t find tall high rise buildings and glamorous boardwalks and streets but except an island that rejoices in secluded beaches, tranquil rainforests and a reputation as the Friendly Island. Molokai is ideal for those vacations where you simply want to get away from it all, away from the hustle and bustle, away from the noisy confusion of life and away from large crowds. Come to an island where printless beaches are all yours, holiday on an island where you can feel like you are the only ones around for miles and experience a getaway where you can really revive the senses on a one of the kind island in Hawaii.

Crystal clear turquoise waters fringe the shoreline where year round swimming, snorkelling and diving beacon you to come in and enjoy, rainforests blanket the ground that offering hiking and bushwalking like never before and there is not a single traffic light in sight. Molokai is a Hawaiian Island that still remains barely untouched from the outside world, where you can really set your watch to island time and forget about all your worries and stresses. You can do some shopping within the main town of Kaunakakai and visit the surrounding villages of Kualapu’u and Maunaloa where friendly locals welcome you in! Get off the beaten track and take the road less travelled as you set out along hiking trails through the Kaluapapa National Park or spend the day at one of Hawaii’s largest white sandy beaches, Papuhaku Beach. Molokai has an untamed wilderness that is enduring and breathtaking, where adventures such as hiking to the 250 foot Mooula Falls can be done, enjoying sport fishing for the day from a fishing charter or travelling on the back of a mule as you discover the pristine wilderness from a completely different perspective.

Molokai is unlike any other place you will ever experience, where honeymooners can really enjoy privacy and tranquillity, where families can have a holiday to remember filled with family fun and outdoor activities, where you can go surfing, fishing, hiking, boating and spend as much time on pristine beaches as you like. Molokai can offer a holiday away from the populated areas of Hawaii where, romance, excitement, relaxation and culture all come together to create a memorable holiday destination. Plan your trip to Molokai where you can stay in wonderful accommodation such as one, two or three bedroom apartments and beachfront locations that will leave you amazed at the affordable prices. It is a serene holiday destination where you can forget about the outside world and simply enjoy the little pleasure of true Hawaii.

Meet the locals, soak up the culture, play a round of golf and taste some of the local cuisines that will leave your mouth watering. Molokai will have you enjoying Hawaiian island life in no time at all, so start packing your bags for an unforgettable holiday destination in the South Pacific.