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Hawaii Activities

Surrounded by pristine ocean waters, covered in beautiful rainforest and boasting some of the best attractions known all over the world, you can only start to imagine the endless possibilities for activities that will be open to you when holiday at Hawaii. With its clear blue skies that beacon you to come out and play, the breathtaking beauty that completely engulfs you that you simply can’t wait to explore and fringed by some of the best ocean waters in the world, Hawaii is unlike any other place you will ever have the chance to experience. It’s stunningly beautiful, captivating and vibrant and the Hawaiian way invigorates you and energises you like nothing else.

You will be tempted to explore the rainforests, spend the day hiking through the rainforest or riding around the island on the back of a scooter to see the sights. Watch an erupting volcano spew molten laver into the sea, horseback ride over the mountain ranges or cruise the waves in your own kayaking or canoe. The endless list of activities that you can fill your days with at Hawaii are endless with everything you could possibility imagine all on offer. From land based adventures, to spending time underwater to taking to the skies for a bird’s eye views of the cluster of islands that draw so many people here each year.

See the sights with an informative tour guide on a range of hiking tours, eco tours, wildlife tours, adventure tours and plenty more or make your own tracks to take in the sights. Take in Pearl Harbour and the fascinating history that surrounds this iconic landmark, visit the lookouts that present themselves along numerous walking trails around the island, swim in rock pools, under waterfalls and in crystal clear streams that snake their way around the island. Experience the azure blue ocean waters that Hawaii is so famous for, do some scuba diving, snorkelling, take a glass bottom ride for a couple of hours or even cruise in style for the day around the islands on a luxury vessel. There are shark and ray encounter tours, helicopter and scenic flights, you can play a round of golf and enjoy a couple of holes one afternoon or simply laze by the resort pool of your chosen Hawaii accommodation to soak up some of that glorious summer sun.

From surfing the local breaks to learning how to surf for the first time, water skiing, parasailing, sport fishing and sunset cruises, are just the beginning of the huge amount of activities that you will have to look forward to when you travel to Hawaii. Every traveller of every age is more than catered for with so many activities to suite everyone, no matter what your interests might. Have the kids be catered for in the kids club or arrange for child minding services while you set off for a couple of hours to explore the coral reef gardens, hire a jet ski for an hour or so or finish the day off with a show put on by the Hawaiian people for your pleasure that tell different stories of the Polynesians and Hawaiian way.

The list of activities are just too great to put them all onto paper so you are just going to have to come to Hawaii to discover them for yourself. Any time of the year, for whatever occasions, business of pleasure, you will be hard pressed to find anything better than Hawaii.