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Cook Island Activities

From land based fun and water activities for all ages, the Cook Islands provides endless hours of fun and entertainment with the array of activities perfect for the young and young at heart. Whisk your days away as you laze upon the sun kissed beaches, soaking up the glorious sun, dive into crystal clear cooling waters to enjoy the year round swimming or explore the collection of 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands. Whether you are after something out on the water, underneath the water or up on dry land, you will certainly find plenty to keep you occupied and enjoy the pleasures of the Cook Islands.

From dining and entertainment, soaking up the history and culture right through to water sports, tours and shopping, there are plenty of ways for you to fill your holiday with a trip to the Cook Islands. Here you can wake to the sounds of crashing waves and start your day with a walk along the beautiful beaches and then set off in search of stunning scenery, hiking trails and waterfalls. Watch nightly entertainment as the locals put on wonderful performances, listen to the strum of a ukulele and the beating of drums as you enjoy a beach feast to remember, or wander through the local markets, do some shopping and find some interest treats to take back with you. From arts, crafts, handmade pieces, jewellery, oil fragrances, there are plenty of pieces you can buy to take back home with you after a great day of shopping. Enjoy the find foods, local traditions and restaurants, there are cafes and fine dining restaurants all boasting wonderful cuisines and local foods for you to sample along the way!

Set off for the mountain peaks where lookouts and breathtaking vistas await you, picnic by cascading waterfalls and hike through some of the most stunning rainforests you will ever discover. There is animal life and marine life to get up close to, you can swim with turtles, dolphins, mantra rays and reef fish when you diving or snorkelling or perhaps you might just like to sail around the neighbouring islands or cruise to a secluded beach for a romantic day for just the two of you. Watch migrating whales between the months of July and October, take the kids for a day of fishing out on the Pacific Ocean where game fishing is at its best and dive the caves, canyons and coral gardens that the Cook Islands are famous for.

From lagoon cruises, to kayaking tours, canoeing around the islands, fishing, hiking and horse riding, there are plenty of ways for you to fill your days with while holiday within the Cook Islands. Visit the coffee factory where you will discover world class Arabica coffee that has been produced since 1984, visit traditional villages where friendly locals welcome you in, set out for an adventure tour to take in the secrets and hidden treasures of the Cook Islands or simply laze by your pool or on the beach. You can look forward to your ideal holiday, whether it be one of adventure and excitement or one where you kick back and simply relax. The Cook Islands has activities and plenty of pleasures for everyone, no matter your age!