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Holidays and Travel to South Pacific Island Resorts with Australian Travel Wholesalers Pty Ltd.

Hundreds of thousands of Australian tourists travel to the Pacific Islands resorts every year for their holidays. The image of a hula skirt clad dancing girl swaying in the moonlight under a coconut palm beside a balmy Pacific Ocean has attracted Australian holiday makers for generations and now some of the most remote Pacific Islands have overtaken the larger ones as the most popular travel and holiday destinations.

Fiji, despite a coup or two, has always been one of the favourite Pacific Islands for Australians. There are many fantastic resorts and hundreds of islands to explore. The standards are high and the Fijian people are delightful. Fiji is a volcanic island rather than a coral atoll and consequently has unique scenery and attractions. There are several larger islands in the group and they are easily reached with plenty of international flights coming here on trans Pacific flights. Many Pacific cruise liners also include the Fijian Islands in their travel itinerarys.

Fiji ResortsSamoa

Papua New Guinea is one of the most remote and primitive tourist destinations in the world. Travel here and you you will find an island paradise left behind by time and struggling to come to terms with catching up with the rest of the world. The scenery is spectacular and the people range from international businessmen and professional workers right through to almost stone age people living deep in the jungles. Port Moresby is the capital and entry point for travelers and regular flights are available from Australia.

Vanuatu is also known as the New Hebrides islands. It is also a popular Pacific Islands travel destination for Australians on holidays. The capital is Port Vila and it lies in the center of the island group that makes up Vanuatu. Here you will find some fantastic resorts complimented by a people with wonderful friendliness. Vanuatu is the birthplace of bungee jumping which has its origins in the local ritual where young men from Pentecost Island jump from a rickety timber tower with vines attached to their feet to prove there change from adolescence to manhood.

Pacific Islands like Tonga, Samoa, the Cook Islands,Tuvalu and Tahiti are also popular Pacific Island travel destinations where many Australians like to go for their holidays. They are safe destinations with scenery that is to die for. Modern resorts exist in all of these island nations and the laid back island atmosphere is palpable.

South PacificVanuatu

Hawaii is the best known of all the Pacific Island travel destinations. There are five major islands that all have fantastic holiday infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if you come here for the surf, the scenery or a golf holiday you will return home with a smile from ear to ear. You can fly over an active volcano or visit the historic remnants of the Pearl Harbour attack from world war two. Its local history is rooted in aquatic activities and it is the home of the surfing world with huge Pacific Ocean swells building fantastic waves for the experts to conquer.

Many of the inhabitants of these Pacific Island nations have traveled to New Zealand where they are collectively known as ‘The Maori people”. They completed fantastic voyages from their island homes in ocean going canoes and mastered the art of celestial navigation. Their history is now an integral part of the history of New Zealand and there culture is deeply rooted in this, now western, nation. New Zealand is the most beautiful country on earth with spectacular coastlines overshadowed by towering, snow capped, mountain ranges and magnificent lakes. It is the most popular skiing destination in the southern hemisphere with modern ski resorts on both the north and south islands. Queenstown on the South Island is the tourist capital while Wellington on the North Island is the political capital. Auckland in the north, is the largest city.

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